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Ganpi Media goes to Los Angeles for the annual LA Times Festival of Books.

Prepare to meet some of our best-selling writers at a fun-filled two-day event in April 2023 at Bovard Auditorium, USC Ground. Come by our booth for a free cup of coffee and some of our books for FREE! You heard correctly! These writers will be giving away copies of their works so you may enjoy them and make memories even if you are thousands of miles apart.

See you there!


Ganpi Media was founded with the intention of liberating and innovating the publishing business by providing excellent and trustworthy service to each and every author. The first self-publishing and marketing business in Canada to boldly begin innovating writers. As Ganpi Media takes its initial steps toward expansion, it is now assisting aspiring authors from all over the world in making their ideas a reality. Ganpi media has highly skilled personnel that can assist in the delivery of any publishing or marketing service with accuracy and refinement.


To assist every author in launching their career through self-publishing by providing exact consultation, outstanding customer service, and timely results.

There are always challenges and problems. We make it a point to identify issues and propose solutions that benefit our authors.

Our writers can trust that every service, from our Consultants to our Production team, will be provided with quality and innovation.


Allow more thoughts and develop greater stories to become that stimulant to each ambitious dreamer.



We make certain that each author receives the most honest and sincere consultation for the improvement of their work. We recognize each author’s demands and create the proper solution to get their book out there.


Challenges and problems are always there; nevertheless, we make it a point to identify these and give solutions that benefit our authors. Our writers can trust that every service, from our consultants to our production staff, will be provided with quality and innovation.


We do not follow the usual; instead, we strive to provide unique and appealing services that are tailored to the demands of our authors. We are continuously assessing what the market is lacking and determining whether we can provide a more appealing service to readers and filmmakers.


Ingram Catalog Marketing

  • Single Slot Ad in ForeWord Magazine (1 out of 10 slots)
  • Single Slot Ad in the Advance Catalog (1 out of 8 slots)
  • Single Slot Ad in The Independent Voice (formerly Fine Print) Online Catalog

Press Release Edition

  • Personalized one-page press release based on material you provide about your book
  • Distribution of your press release to a minimum of 500 media outlets chosen based on location, your book’s genre and more; recipients may include magazines, newspapers, online publications, and radio and TV programs
  • One month of press-release tracking

Audio Book

  • Audiobook conversion of up to 5,000 words
  • Narration by a professional voice-over actor
  • Your own digital copy of the audiobook
  • Intro, beginning, and end background music for your audiobook
  • Availability of your audiobook through Overdrive, Audible.com, Amazon.com, and iTunes
  • ISBN registration

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