Featured Authors

Anne Beck

I am a hopeless romantic, so writing romance books was a no brainier. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and enjoy it here. I am a mom of three great kids that are now adults. I am also the proud grandma of two cute kids. I started off just writing down some…

Sandra Mcdermott

Sandra McDermott was a woman stuck in her sin nature. Sandra was desperate to find love, only to find it in the wrong places. She became strung out on drugs and alcohol. Desperate for someone to love her, she searched in all the wrong places, and got lost withing herself…

Bishop Willie J. Duncan Sr D.D. Th. D., Re.D., PHD

Bishop Willie J. Duncan’s Profiles Bishop Duncan is founder and president of the Muskegon Bible Institute Inc. He is Pastor of the Revival Temple Apostolic Church, 6550 E 42nd Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. He is married…

Sylvia Nguyen

My name is Sylvia Hoa-Dam Nguyen, I am living in Silicon Valley, California Current: I am a Software Engineer I graduated from UCLA & Cal State University I have multiple College degrees: Mathematics, Computer Science, Real Estate Financial Broker

Anita Hart

Anita is a retired police officer and wrote her first book because of a challenge issued to her by her niece. Anita lives in Canada, loves to read, spend time with family and friends, go on adventures and has a service dog named Jetti.

David Belding

David was born in Seattle, Washington, and after finishing high school, he joined the merchant marines. He married and had two children, then worked on the Alaska Pipeline, then started a trucking company, which he sold and remarried…

Jimmy & Angelyn Straley

I was born in 1960 in Sherman TX. But was raised and spent most of my life in Fort Worth. I have been a mechanic for over 40 years I am currently married to my wife Angelyn. At present I am retired which has provided me with the extra….

Robert J Kowalski

I was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota and attended twelve years of private Catholic education, which I often humorously quote as being 8 years too many.
I had the honor of being taught some…

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