Royalty Policies

Author receives 100% of the Royalties Profit for each wholesale print copy sold for which Ganpi Media receives payment, minus shipping, handling and processing fees. Royalties profit is defined as the difference between the Base Price and the Wholesaler’s Price. Royalties will be computed every quarter and will be paid by check, four weeks after a quarter end. The check will be mailed to the Author’s address as supplied by the author in this agreement. Checks not cashed by the Author within 90 days of issue will be cancelled by the bank and subject to a $25 administrative fee if the Author requests a replacement check. The author is responsible for maintaining a current address on file. Any royalty check which is returned as undeliverable due to an outdated address will be reissued to the author within 90 days of the author’s request (administrative fees, defined herein, apply). Any royalties unclaimed after two years revert to Ganpi Media.


In the event that the Author decides to have his name as Publisher, the royalties will go directly to his bank account and no check from Ganpi Media Services will be mailed out.


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